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Open Abal – Open Systems

The new version of ABAL, to be known as Open Abal, will allow the deployment of your ABAL Applications on the following standard, commercial, modern 64 bit LINUX based systems:

  1. UBUNTU 20.04

Subsequently, your ABAL applications will no longer be confined to the previous legacy systems of USEIT.

Open Abal


I am an Earthling

Amenesik lends it’s support to the I am an Earthling initiative.

I am an Earthling

I am an Earthling

Phoenix Amenesik Com

The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud was one of the many casualties of the OVH Data Center Fire in Strasbourg, France, on the 10th March 2021. The server on which it was hosted was totally destroyed by the fire, being located in SGB2. The automated backups that would have allowed recovery of the system were also lost in the fire. One month later, a year old backup was discovered and made available, and from this, the new Amenesik Enterprise Cloud has been rebuilt and modernized and is now operational on a UBUNTU LTS 20.04 with TLS 1.2 and 1.3.

This new system has been deployed at AMAZON AWS in PARIS and is accessible via the URL :

Phoenix Amenesik Com

EDI Communicator

To help you and your enterprise with your ever increasing needs concerning electronic document exchange, Amenesik SARL brings you the new EDI Communicator.

This versatile tool can be used to manage your document work flows, receiving documents from third parties, interfacing directly and immediately with your local IT systems and dispatching response and other output as and when required.

The EDI Communicator

The EDI communicator is available for deployment as a Service using the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud.

For more information please get in touch with Jamie by email at

Salve Silvae

Amenesik is participating in the submission of the Salve Silvae H2020 Green Deal Integration Action Salve Silvae .

GECON 2020 Keynote

Amenesik will be presenting the European Cloud Service Federation during the Keynote session at the GECON 2020 meeting on Wednesday the 16th Sept 2020.

European Cloud Service Federation

The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud and its associated Amenesik Cloud Engine were designed and developed during the CompatibleOne, EASICLOUDS and Basmati projects to provide an industrial grade middle ware in support of the future European Cloud Service Federation.

This federation will allow added value European Cloud Service Providers to promote, offer and share their own individual application services through a heterogeneous federated group of application service vendors.

The middle ware, provided by Amenesik, will be responsible for the complete automation of all aspects of application service life cycle management from modelling, to deployment, scalability and maintenance.

This will be performed in conjunction with consolidated and coordinated cost and revenue sharing between the involved partners.

All activity will be governed by Service Level Agreements, engaged between the different partners, describing the nature, conditions and guarantees of the corresponding offers of service.

Sound Stream Mobile

The Sound Stream Mobile APPs are now ready and available for both ANDROID and APPLE devices.

These Mobile APPs allow full control of the stream management and performance production process including:

  • Stream Creation
  • Stream Staging
  • Stream Activation
  • Stream Program Capture

and the corresponding counterparts.

This greatly facilitates the capture of budget performances where multi camera high quality audio is not required.

Sound Stream

The new audio and video stream solution of Amenesik is now operational at
Sound Stream.

Create your own Sound Stream account to be able to broadcast your own streaming events around the world.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Jamie at

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